Investigation of Pencil and Bifurcated Beam Fed Cylindrical Dielectric Lens Antenna for 5G Mobile Base Stations

S.K.A Rahima, Shayan Hakimi, Yoshihide Yamada, Naobumi Michishita


This research investigates the cylindrical dielectric lens antenna to be replaced with present linear arrays in order to reduce number of the feed elements and ease the fabrication process. Ray tracing method is employed by MATLAB program to investigate and design the lenses. Various beam radiations are adequately investigated in order to obtain the desired radome structure. Dielectric lenses usually have a convex shape, which offers high thickness geometry. To overcome this drawback, first a pencil beam radiation was studied. This structure possesses a high loss due to a significant increase in the refractive index. In the next step bifurcated beam was investigated and a concave shaped lens was obtained. As a result, the lens was remarkably decreased in its thickness and size to be replaced with the radome structure.


5G Technology; Dielectric Lens Antenna (DLA); Mobile Base Station; Antenna Radome; Slow -Wave Lens;

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