Improving UWB Microstrip Antenna using Corrugated Compact Design for Wireless Communication Systems

Adam R. H. Alhawari


This work experiments a design of another compact ultra-wideband microstrip antenna for wireless communication systems. The design uses a simple corrugating technique on the radiator patch. Likewise, its ground plane is modified to attain ultra-wideband antenna albeit the trifling structure. Altogether, the combination measuring only 48 x 30.4 x 1.6 mm3 on etched FR-4 material substrate. Its return loss measurement agreeably exhibits an ultra-wideband bandwidth range at approximately 12.8 GHz (3.2 GHz-16 GHz). It shows moderate gain of 2-7 dBi across its operation bandwidth. Furthermore, it comes with extra offer of higher radiation efficiency and omni-directional pattern than old-fashioned bigger sized antennas. Overall measured results of its performance are agreeable with the simulated one.


Compact; Corrugations; Microstrip Antenna; Ultra-wideband;

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