A Miniature Double E-Shaped Meander Line Monopole Antenna for VHF Applications

N. Ripin, W.Z. Wan Ibrahim, A. A. Sulaiman, N.E.A. Rashid, M. F. Hussin, M.S. Mohd Zaman, N.N. Ismail


A miniature double E-shaped meander line monopole antenna with Defected Ground Structure (DGS) is proposed for Very High Frequency (VHF) Applications. The proposed antenna is a results of a few antenna evolutions. The combination of slots and meander line lead to a novel structure of the patch and resulting in reduction of antenna resonant frequency. The DGS is introduced on the partial ground plane to improve the reflection coefficient of the proposed design. Overall size of the antenna has been reduced up to 89% after implementing the proposed method. A broad parametric analysis have been conducted to optimize the performances of the antenna and to observe the effects of various dimensional parameters. Experiments have been accomplished to validate the proposed antenna performances where simulated and measured results are agree well with each other. The physical area of the proposed antenna is only 181 x 251 mm2 at 151 MHz resonant frequency. The proposed antenna produces an omnidirectional radiation pattern with 1.364 dBi measured gain.


Meander Line; Omnidirectional; Partial Ground Plane; Patch Antenna; VHF (Very High Frequency);

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