Validating an Integrated Multimedia Presentation Conceptual Model through Expert Reviews

Suriati Abdul Aziz, Sobihatun Nur Abdul Salam, Ariffin Abdul Mutalin, Salina Ismail


This paper discusses the validating procedures of the proposed Integrated Multimedia Presentation Conceptual Model (IMPCM) through expert reviews. Proposed IMPCM has been assigned for expert reviews in order to validate the model. Hence, concept and definition of proposed IMPCM is described. Expert reviews methods and a procedure involved in this study is outlined in detail. Findings of the expert reviews is gathered and illustrated in order to improve and amend the existing IMPCM. Finally, IMPCM has been modified according to the feedbacks from the expert reviewers. This study concludes that the validation procedure using expert reviews is successful in improving the proposed IMPCM.


Integrated Multimedia Presentation; Conceptual Model;

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