Comparative Analysis of Leach-C and Pegasis Routing Algorithms in a Wireless Sensor Network using Network Simulator-2

Dimas Setiawan Saputro, Siti Ummi Masruroh, Nashrul Hakiem


Since 2001, the development of Wireless Sensor Networks has generated an increased interest from the perspective of the industry and research. Sensors collect data from the environment and then send the data to the actor node that processes all the incoming data and takes action. The usefulness of wireless sensor networks in an unobstructed field of computing and sensing capabilities is limited. Optimization of the energy consumption in the network is done by implementing an efficient routing algorithm that uses less energy. PEGASIS and LEACH-C are two types of algorithm that are identified as energy efficient and lifetime friendly. In this research, simulation and analysis comparisons of the performance of both types of routing algorithm have been performed with parameters, such as energy efficiency, node lifetime and throughput using Network Simulator 2 (NS-2) in areas of 100 m×100 m, 300 m×300 m and 600 m×600 m. In the analysis of the performance in terms of energy efficiency, node lifetime and throughput, the results lead to the conclusion that the performance of the PEGASIS algorithm is superior in an area of 100 m×100 m, while the LEACH-C algorithm is superior for areas of 300 m×300 m and 600 m×600 m.


Efficiency; LEACH-C; Lifetime; PEGASIS; Routing Algorithm; Throughput; Wireless Sensor Network

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