26 GHz Open Ended Air Gap Cavity RLSA Antenna for Next Generation Broadband Wireless Access

I. M.Ibrahim, T.A. Rahman, Z. Zakaria


The demand of large bandwidth has pushed the wireless backbone into the mm-wave frequency range. A compact wireless terminal has been suggested at 26 GHz over the decade. A small and high gain antenna has been introduced because of the scenic point of view and for the environment. Next generation Fixed Wireless Access has been proposed at 26 GHz frequency band as a backbone carrier. A Radial Line Slot Array Antenna at 26 GHz frequency band has been developed. The air gap cavity approach has made the fabrication simpler and light. The gain exceeds 23 dBi has been realized at a frequency of 26 GHz with overall dimensions of 200 mm x 200 mm x 3.6 mm. The reflection coefficient better than -10 dB has been successfully achieved at operating frequencies between 25.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz


Milimeter Wave RLSA; Next Generation FWA; Open-ended Air Gap Cavity RLSA; Wide Band RLSA Antenna

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