Design and Simulation of a Multi-Sensor System Growing a Plurality of Heater Chips on the Same Dielectric Membrane

S. Bedoui, S. Gomri, H. Samet, A. Kachouri


In micro-sensors, the Micro Hotplate (MHP) is a crucial component, in particularly gas sensors. To control the temperature of the sensing layer, micro-heater is used in metal oxide gas (MOX) sensors as a hotplate. The temperature should be in the requisite temperature range over the heater area. This allows detection of the resistive changes as a function of varying concentration of different gases. Thus, their design is a very important aspect. In this paper, we presented the design and simulation results of a platinum combinative meander-spiral micro heater for a WO3 gas sensor. The objective of this paper is also to model a multi-sensor while growing a plurality of heater chips on the same membrane to improve gas sensors selectivity performance. Four different heating voltages were applied in order to attain four maximum temperatures required to detect O3, H2S, CO and NO2, by a WO3 multi- sensor.


Gas Sensors; Heater; Platinum; Electro-Thermal Analysis; Multi-Sensor.

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