Micro-hybrid with Ultra-Capacitor Based Three-Wheeler

Souvik Roy, Md. Zahid Hasan


Execution of programmed Start/stop (SS) development in an explorer vehicle is a financially shrewd approach to enhance mileage and decay surges without affecting buyer insistence. In urban degrees, where an incredible piece of the vehicle driving time is spent sitting at stop lights, the engine can be shut down so save fuel. The engine is rapidly and painstakingly restarted as the driver accelerates it. This working method is much of the time used as a piece of full micro hybrid electric vehicles that have excellent power saving potential. In this paper the system is installed in a Three-Wheeler where the regenerative braking and Stop-Start course of action of the Micro Hybrid structure is worked by Ultra-capacitor along with Traditional battery. The power distribution and analysis of vehicle is shown in paper which was done by MATLAB. A feasibility analysis for Bangladesh is also conducted in this paper.

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