Norhayati Abd Manaf, Zarina Md Ismail, Nurzihan Hassim


This research paper will focus on the aspect of leadership and its function
in leading and improvising employee effectiveness and performance in
the organization. The case study selected is the improvement of fixed line
application services at TM Point upon re-branding exercise carried out by
Telekom Malaysia Berhad in 2005. A major player in the telecommunication
industry, TM Berhad was privatised in 1984 and continued to spread its
wings and diversified its business in the communication service. Realizing
its rapid expansion and to catch up with uprising competitors in the industry,
TM felt the heat to reposition themselves among the public community and
hence decided to undergo a massive re-branding exercise. Among the many
services offered by TM, this paper shall look particularly into the fixed line
application services at TM point upon re-branding exercise, particularly on
the aspect of the relationship between effective leadership and improvement
on employees’ performance. Applying a simple qualitative method, this
research will be done by carrying out in-depth interviews with two (2)
personnel each from the top management and lower management level
of TM Point outlet. This study will also try to determine whether the
leadership style applied is similar to the model suggested by Blake & Mouton
Managerial Grid leadership model. This paper shall contribute to the further
understanding of the leadership communication and its applicability in the
competitive corporate world.

Keywords: organization communication, leadership communication.

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