Effect Of Multimedia Activities In Blended Learning On Listening Skills And Satisfaction In A College English Language Course

Maryam F. Al-Otaibi, Ahmed M. Nouby, Hamdy A. Abdul Aziz, Alagab M. Alagab


This study aimed to investigate the effect of proposed multimedia activities
in blended learning on students’ listening skills and satisfaction in a college
English language course at the Royal University for Woman (RUW) in
Bahrain. The study attempted to assess the effects of the proposed strategy
on the students’ listening skills and satisfaction with the multimedia
listening activities in the OPL (Orientation Program Lower). Results
indicated that experimental group students scored higher level in their
listening post-test than those in the control group. Experimental group
students were satisfied with the courses designed.

KEYWORDS: multimedia activities, interactive multimedia, listening
comprehension, blended learning

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