Consumer Society, Commodification Of Childhood And Current Challenges For Education

Oliveira Brito Renato de, Nogueira Aico Sipriano


growing process of commodification of childhood by consumer society.
From the presentation of key concepts such as alienation, competition,
consumption and new electronic media, elements that shape social
relations of contemporary society, the paper first discusses the process
of social reification as a phenomenon leading to the creation of a society
dominated by production and distribution of goods. Secondly the analysis
focuses on the school as an important locus of production and reproduction
of market forces and the constant process of transformation of education
into a commodity. The new media are then analyzed as essential tools in
this new phase of development of productive forces, with discussion of
alternatives for confronting this phenomenon by the school, among which
the need for ongoing investment in the critical and reflective skills of the
students stands out, seen as the only effective instrument against the
process of alienation. The article then analyzes the need for professionals
in the school environment who are qualified to develop this work, as well as
the importance of integration of the whole school community in a political
pedagogical project for this purpose.

KEYWORDS: political pedagogical project, commodification of childhood

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