Kalthom Husain, Aida Nasirah Abdullah, Rahman Hashim, Noraini Husin


The Internet has become the nerve of global communication and became a growing popularity and ubiquity of personal computers and Internet services and part of everyday existence at workplace, home and cybercafés environments. This study examines the effect of Internet (confine to E-mail) use as opposed to other communication media among women’s administrative staff in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. The two universities selected in this study are Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (henceforth UTeM), Malaysia and University of Brighton (henceforth UB), United Kingdom. This study is motivated by the desire to explore women’s Internet experiences concerning their use of Internet (E-mail). That is to say, its aim is to investigate effect of E-mail use as opposed to other communication media. The focus of the investigation is the use of E-mail patterns. Data was collected from a semi-structured interview and it was carried out among ten women of who are administrative staffs. The study revealed substantial differences on E-mail use between participants in the two countries.


Keywords: internet, e-mail, women, university settings, Malaysia, United Kingdom


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e-ISSN : 2289-8115      ISSN : 1985-7012