Methodology of Using an Integrated Averaging Technique and MAUT Method for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

I. Emovon, R.A. Norman, A.J. Murphy


The conventional Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) which is popularly used for prioritizing risk of failure modes of industrial products has limitations such as the inability of the technique to utilize imprecise ratings from experts. These limitations impact negatively on its effectiveness in prioritizing risk. This paper presents a technique that integrates Averaging technique with Multi Attribute Utility Theory method for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. The objective is to develop an alternative tool that avoids the limitations of the conventional FMEA such that risk of failure mode is prioritized more efficiently. The suitability of the proposed approach is demonstrated with a case study of the rotor blades of an aircraft turbine. The results show that the proposed approach is more flexible and effective for practical application than the conventional FMEA.

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