Conceptual design of cargo airplane

A.R. Aditya, G. Sri Bhavya, R. Priyanka, K. Swathi, S. Ramesh


The main goal of the work is to design the military cargo aircraft that fulfils all the requirements. Current work includes weight estimation of an aircraft, selection of airfoil and suitable wing configuration, selection of tail, fuselage sizing and power plant selection. From the available details, weight estimation of the aircraft was started, by assuming the soldiers weight and baggage allowance, with the available empirical relations, weight estimation was done. There are many conditions to select feasible airfoil for the aircraft, with the consideration of design Mach number and design lift coefficient airfoil was selected, then for aircraft flight regime, suitable wing configurations was selected. Primary objective of fuselage is to accommodate the soldiers, crew members in cockpit, and cargo, to place all these in the fuselage, space was sized and proper aisle was given in between with reference to the military standards. Need of Empennage is to provide the stability for aircraft, by checking the required stability for aircraft, horizontal and vertical tail was sized and suitable configuration was selected from the historical trends and requirement. In the design stage feasible engine for the aircraft was selected.

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