Real Time Optimal Implementation of Stabilizing Controller for Inverted Pendulum

A.G. Ibrahim, N.M. Tahir, M. Idi


This paper present real time control of an inverted pendulum. The system is inherently unstable, nonlinear and under-actuated system. The dynamic model of the system was derived based on Lagrange approach and it was linearized about an appropriate operating point by the use of Taylor’s series approximation. Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) controller was designed to stabilize the system in an upright position. The robustness of the control algorithm was tested based on disturbance rejection. Simulation and Experimental results show a good performance was achieved and the controller is robust to external disturbances.


Nonlinear;LQR;Inverted pendulum;Disturbance rejection;Lagrange;Upright

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