Quantitative Analysis on the Contribution Rates of Sources of Construction Waste

B. Amirthakadeshwaran, V.G Kalpana


The construction industry is environmentally unfriendly. The construction waste has negative impacts on soil, water and surroundings of the environment. It also contributes additional cost to construction for waste replacement. In order to mitigate the construction waste it is important to explore waste management options that includes, reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and disposing of waste. Therefore, for this purpose, it is necessary to identify the sources of construction waste and its causative factors. The most significant part of the project is to study the contribution rates of different identified sources of construction waste and its causative factors. The contribution rates of different sources and its causative factors will help in developing the ways to minimize the waste. Questionnaire survey is done to assess the frequency and severity of contribution rate of construction waste. Quantitative analysis is adopted to find the contribution rates. Prior to finding contribution rates it is necessary from the sources of waste and its factors to undergo various tests. The findings from this test will enhance in checking the reliability of the data.


Sources of waste; causative factors; frequency; severity; ordinal logistic regression; goodness of fit; correlation matrix; contribution rates

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