Characterization of Palm Oil Ashes (POA) under Impulse

M.R. Ahmad, H. Ahmad, N.O. Ali, N. Mahadzir, M.F. Alias


The characteristics of soils as used in earth electrode systems were investigated. In this project, the material proposed is palm oil ashes. The work involved particle size distribution, moisture holding capacity, compactness and also breakdown voltage under impulse. For particle size distribution, moisture holding capacity and compactness tests, it had been conducted in Geotechnic Lab, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM. The size chosen for every test in this project was 600μm and below. Meanwhile, for a breakdown under impulse test, it had been conducted in IVAT building, FKE. The particle chosen were 600μm because after the particle size distribution test, it is found, it covered 74% from the total of 300g POA. As for moisture holding capacity, it is found, that it can absorb 150% water referring to its dry mass. In the compaction test, the result shows that the optimum compacted are at 25% water added. As for the breakdown voltage impulse, it is found that the breakdown voltage of wet soils is always lower than the dry soils.

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ISSN : 2180-3811       E-ISSN : 2289-814X

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