Vol 12, No 1(2) (2018)

Table of Contents


Table of Content- Vol 12, No 1(2) (2018) PDF
Table of Content- Vol 12, No 1(2) (2018) i-iv
Design of a CAD/CAM-Simulink Data Exchange System For Machine Tool Application PDF
N. Mat Seman, Z. Jamaludin, M. Minhat, S.C.K. Junoh 1-14
Job Shop Material Control Based on the Principles of Quick Response Manufacturing PDF
C.S. Bong, K.E. Chong, W.C. How 15-30
Tensile Properties of Ternary Blends for HDPE/PP/Recycle HDPE in Blow Moulding Process PDF
M.A. Md Ali, A. Abdullah, E. Mohamad, M.S. Salleh, N.I.S. Hussein, Z. Muhammad, S. Dahaman 31-42
Microscopic Study on the Natural Rubber with Different Carbon Loadings under Compression: SMR CV-60 AND ENR 25 PDF
I.R.A. Rosszainily, M.A. Salim, M.T. Musthafah, A. Md. Saad 43-54
Cleaner Production Implementation In An E-Waste Recovery Plant By Using The Value Stream Mapping PDF
A. Ishak, E. Mohamad, L. Sukarma, M.S. Salleh, M.R. Salleh, N.A. Mohamad, R.I.R. Abdullah, M.A.M. Ali 55-68
Initial Design of Semi Auto Soap Making Device from Used Cooking Oil for Home Appliances PDF
N.A. Maidin, M.H.A. Rahman, M.N. Ahmad, S.A.A. Rahman, M.H. Osman, M.K. Wahid, M.R. Alkahari 69-78
Quality and Yield Improvement of Barrel Tin Plating Process for SMX Semiconductor Packages PDF
M.M.D. Kanan, M. Zaimi, M.E.A. Manaf, N.M. Pham 79-90
Empty Aluminium Honeycomb under Quasi-Static Loading: Experiment and Simulation PDF
A.J. Chuli, M.R. Said, A.Z. Pokaad 91-100
Effect of Multiple Piezoelectric Transducer on Fused Deposition Modeling to Improve Parts Surface Finish PDF
S. Maidin, A.S. Mohamed, S.B. Mohamed, J. H.U. Wong, S. Sivarao 101-116
Architecture of Reconfigurable Conveyor System in Manufacturing System PDF
N.R. Mohamad, A.A. Abdul Rahman, B.M. Bali Mohamad, M.A.A. Rahman, F.A. Jafar, M.R. Muhamad, M.H.F. Md Fauadi 117-128
Bi Odegradability of Polyvinyl Alcohol in Sand for Resin Bonded Sand Casting Process PDF
N.I.S. Hussein, M.N. Ayof, M.Y. Yaakob, S.H. Salimon 129-142
Remote Global Alignment Error for Cycle Time Improvement of Pad Inductor Layer PDF
S. Maidin, S. Devadas, T. Wara 143-158
Industry Collaboration Program (ICP): Empowering Technology Development for National Economic Growth PDF
A. Abdullah, Z. Safari 159-172
Preliminary Study on Water Absorption and Swelling for Plain and Honeycomb Rubber Wood PDF
M.Y. Yuhazri, T.T.T. Jennise, A.M. Kamarul, A.M.M. Edeerozey, N.I.S. Hussein 173-182
Reengineering the New Product Development on Bieichi Technology – A Technology Which Converts Plastics Into Fuels PDF
A. Maliki, B.C. Chew, N.I. Rashid, M.F. Mohd Sam, K.L. Lau, F.H. Sukri 183-196
Effect of Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Dopant Concentrations on the Synthesis of Polyaniline PDF
N.A. Mustaffa, Q. Ahsan, M.A. Azam, A.L. Chuah 197-208
Design and Modelling of Wave Energy Converter and Power Take-Off System PDF
E. Chuah, K. Magaswaran, M.Z. Hassan 209-222
Simulation Modelling for Lean Production: Case Study PDF
W.H. Wan Mahmood, M.Z. Yusup, M.R. Salleh, M.R. Muhamad, M.N. Ab Rahman 223-232
Computer-Aided Wire Design using Sheet Metal Feature for Dentistry Applications PDF
R.A. Hamid, T. Ito 233-246
Design and Analysis of Ankle Foot Orthosis for Disabled Children PDF
S. Mohamaddan, N.Z. Ishak, A.M. Aizuddin, S. Yamamoto, S.Z.M. Dawal, E.B. Safawi, H. Khamis 247-258
Crushing Modes of Aluminium Tubes under Axial Compression using Finite Element Analysis PDF
N.D. Ghazali, M.R. Said 259-270
Design and Thermal Analysis Simulation of Gravity Die Casting on Aluminium Alloy (ADC12) PDF
M.R.M. Kamal, H.A.M. Tahir, M.S. Salleh, H.N.H. Bazri, M.K. Musa, N.F. Bazilah 271-288
Design, Fabrication and Control of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Prototype for Stroke Patients PDF
S. Mohamaddan, J. Annisa, A.S.Z. Abidin, M.S. Jamaludin, M.F. Ashari, H. Helmy 289-300
The Applications of Shape-Changing Rigid Body Mechanisms in Arts and Engineering PDF
S.A. Shamsudin, M.H. Ismail 301-312
Experimental Study on Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process by Manufacturing Automated System PDF
S. Ramlan, M.A. Shri Abdul Aziz, M.H.F. Md Fauadi, M.R. Muhammad 313-326
Low Cost Ergonomics Solution for Safe Work Posture at Conventional Milling Machine: A Case Study PDF
I. Halim, R.Z. Radin Umar, M.S. Syed Mohamed, M.R Jamli, N. Ahmad, H.H.I Pieter 327-340
An Improved Image Filtering Method for Weld Bead Inspection using Unsharp Masking Technique PDF
N. Awang, M.H.F. Md Fauadi, A.Z.M. Noor, S.A. Idris, N.S. Rosli 341-354
Experimental Study of Self-Alignment during Reflow Soldering Process PDF
A.M. Najib, M.Z. Abdullah, A.A. Saad, Z. Samsudin, F. Che Ani 355-366
Parametric Modeling of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Process using Second-Order Regression Model Analysis PDF
E.R. Imam Fauzi, Z. Samad, M.S. Che Jamil, N.M. Nor, G.P. Boon 367-382
A Framework for Improving Manufacturing Overall Equipment Effectiveness PDF
K.C. Ng, K.E. Chong 383-400
Performance Of CVD Coated Carbide Tool by Optimizing Machining Parameters During Turning Titanium Alloy TI-6AL-4V ELI In Flooded Condition PDF
M.S. Asiyah, M.A. Sulaiman, R. Shahmi, R. Zuraimi, E. Mohamad, C.H. Che Haron, J.A. Ghani 401-412
TIO2 Nanoparticles Reinforced Lead-Free 96.5Sn–3.0Ag–0.5Cu Solder Paste for Ultra-Fine Package Assembly in Reflow Soldering Process PDF
F. Che Ani, A. Jalar, R. Ismail, Z. Mustafa, A.A. Saad, C.Y. Khor, N. K. Othman, M.Y. Tura Ali, M.A. Fatah, M. Mukhtar, A. Abas 413-424
Optimization of Drill Geometry Design to Minimize Thermal Necrosis in Surgical Bone Drilling PDF
R. Izamshah, M.S. Noorazizi, M.S. Kasim, M. Hadzley, M.A. Ali, S.A. Sundi 425-436
Design of Compact Pre-Pregger Machine for In House Production of Pre-Preg Material PDF
M.A. A Rahman, N.R Mohamad, Z. Mustafa, S. Ismail, A.A. Abdul Rahman, S. Abdullah, E. Mohamad, M.H. Nordin, M.R Salleh 437-450
Influence of Curing Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Woven Jute Reinforced Polyester Composite PDF
Z. Mustafa, N.H. Idrus, S.H. Sheikh Md. Fadzullah, A.B. Hadzley, Z. Shamsudin, N.S.A. Mohamad Razali, N.I. Omar 451-460
Lean Manufacturing and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) in Paper Manufacturing and Paper Products Industry PDF
S.F. Fam, N. Ismail, H. Yanto, D.D. Prastyo, B.P. Lau 461-474
Finite Element Analysis of Low Velocity Behaviour on Fused Deposition Modeling Printed Stab-Resistant Body Armour Design Features PDF
S. Maidin, S. Y. Chong 475-490
Investigation of Effects of Carbon Nanofiber Nanofluid in Drilling of AISI 304 Stainless Steel PDF
P.J. Liew, M.H. Aini Syahida, S. Ainusyafiqah, S. Mohd Amri, R.A. Raja Izamshah 491-500
Collapsibility of PMMA Based Material in Direct Investment Casting PDF
M.S. Shukri, O.M.F. Marwah, M. Ibrahim, S. Sharif, E.J. Mohamad, M.Y. Hashim 501-512
In-Situ Measurement of Electrode Wear During EDM Drilling using Vision System PDF
Z. Hamedon, I. Razemi, A. Azhari, A.R. Yusoff 513-524
Improving Quality of Light Commercial Vehicle Using PDCA Approach PDF
A.R. Nabiilah, Z. Hamedon, M.T. Faiz 525-534
Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness in Dry Drilling of AISI D2 Tool Steel by Using Taguchi Method PDF
M.H. Osman, N.F. Tamin, M.N. Ahmad, M.H. AB. Rahman, M.K. Wahid, N.A. Maidin, M.H. Abu Bakar, A.A. Azahar 535-546
Influences of Draw Forming Process on the Crash Analysis of a Circular Cup PDF
R.M. Amman, M.F. Halim, D. Sivakumar, I. Abu-Shah, S.N. Sulaiman, H. Samekto, S. Subramonian 547-560

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