Vol 12, No 1(1) (2018)

Table of Contents


Table of Content - Vol 12, No 1(1) (2018) PDF
Table of Content - Vol 12, No 1(1) (2018)
Experimental Study Of Welded Joints On Steel Plate Cold-Rolledsheet Metal Using Different Electrode Tips PDF
N.I. Omar, R.Z.R. Rasi, M.H.F. Zainudin, M.A. Azhari, Y. Yusuf, N. Mustafa, U.A. Azlan, M.H.F.A. Razi, S. Ismail, S. Mohamad 1-10
Current Research Trends in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM): A Review PDF
A.R.M. Aidil, M. Minhat, N.I. S. Hussein 11-24
A Study on Surface Roughness During Fused Deposition Modelling: A Review PDF
N.H. Harun, M.S. Kasim, M.Z.Z. Abidin, R. Izamshah, H. Attan, H.N. Ganesan 25-36
Technological Perceptions on Human Technology Interaction (HTI) in Navigation Operation of Merchant Ships PDF
S. Sakidin, B.C. Chew, S.R. Hamid, M. Subramaniam 37-48
The Strategic Use of Information and Communication Technology on The Gaps Model of Service Quality in Banking Industry PDF
L.H. Tan, B. C. Chew, S. R. Hamid 49-60
Design for Manufacture And Assembly Analysis of Baby Stroller PDF
M.H.A. Rahman, N.A. Maidin, M.N. Ahmad, M.H. Osman, M.K. Wahid, A.N.M. Ruslan 61-72
Application of Green Intellectual Property on Green Technology in Malaysia and Its Benefit: A Review of the Literature PDF
M.N. Ridzuan, B.C. Chew 73-86
Integrated Management System for Quality Management System Accreditation PDF
H. Muzaimi, S. R. Hamid, B. C. Chew 87-100
The Sustainable Service Management Factors in High Technology Transport Service Industry PDF
M.A. Abdullah, B.C. Chew, S.R. Hamid 101-114
Green Logistics Implementation Factors: A Study on a Global Logistics Provider PDF
A.F.R. Lew, B.C. Chew, S.R. Hamid 115-128
Review of Development Towards Minimum Quantity Lubrication and High Speed Machining of Aluminum 7075-T6 PDF
A. Zainol, M.Z.A Yazid 129-142
Branding Melaka as a Complete Green City for State Image Enhancement PDF
B.C. Chew, S.R. Hamid, F.H. Sukri 143-158
Exploring the Factors and Strategies in Implementation of Sustainable Land Transport System in Ayer Keroh, Melaka PDF
H. S. Loo, B. C. Chew, S. R. Hamid 159-174
Survey on Public Participation of Malaysia’s MRT Project with Reference To Environmental Impact Assessment PDF
F. M.Y. Zain, D. Omar 175-188
Tools to Incorporate Biomimetic into Product Design- A Review PDF
S. Maidin, W.F.A. Romlee, A.S. Mohamed, J.W.H. Ung, S. Akmal 189-202
Vision-Based Defects Detection for Glass Production based on Improved Image Processing Method PDF
N.S. Rosli, M.H.F.M. Fauadi, N.F. Awang, A.Z.M. Noor 203-212
The Effect of Surface Finish by Varying Machining Strategies of Five-Axis Flank Milling for Curvy Angled Convex Profile PDF
S. A. Sundi, R. Izamshah, M.S. Kasim, M.R. Raffay 213-222
A Methodology to Develop Taxonomy of Additive Manufacturing using Formal Attributes Specification Template PDF
S. Akmal, R.H. Hambali, S.M. Hashim, S. Maidin 223-234
Development of Enterprise Human System Modelling Framework in Support of Cellular Manufacturing Lean Operation PDF
R. Abdullah, H. Hashim, M.N.A. Rahman, M.R. Salleh 235-246
Factors Influencing Enterprise Resource Planning System: A Review PDF
M.S. Hasan, Z. Ebrahim, W.H.W. Mahmood, M.N.A Rahman 247-258
Auto-Recognition of Chamfer Features by Rule Based Method and Auto-Generation of Delta Volume PDF
P.S. Kataraki, M.S. Abu Mansor 259-272
Crowdfunding for Academic Projects: A Case in Public Universities of Malaysia PDF
K. L. Lau, B. C. Chew, A. Maliki, H. Hafizuddin 273-284
Technological Disaster Prevention: Technological Risks Assessment Process on High Technological Risk Supply Chain Activities PDF
C. K. Choong, M.S.R.B.A. Hamid, B. C. Chew 285-300
Optimization of Moulding Composition for Quality Improvement of Sand Casting PDF
R.M. Said, M.R.M. Kamal, N.H. Miswan, S.J. Ng 301-310
Review on Carbon Nanotube based Polymer Composites and Its Applications PDF
N.A.M. Noor, J.A. Razak, S. Ismail, N. Mohamad, L.K. Tee, R.F. Munawar, R. Junid 311-326
A Study on Hand Grip Force for Push Activity at Aerospace Industry PDF
S.R. Kamat, M.F. Ani, S. Kushairi, A. Ghazali, S.N. Zulkeflle, K. Husin 327-342
Visual Inspection as a Screening Method in Assembly Process for Quality Improvement PDF
A.R. Soufhwee, W. H. W. Mahmood, M.I.H.C. Abdullah 343-356
Joining of Thin Plates Using Various Arc Welding Heat Sources – A Review PDF
S.D. Sabdin, N.I.S. Hussein, M.K. Sued, M.N. Ayof 357-370
Evaluation of Menu Hierarchy Display Types in Self-Checkout System: Effects on Human Performance PDF
N. Ahmad, R.Z. Radin Umar, I. Halim, M.S.S. Mohamed, M. R. Jamli, M. S. Baharudin, M. Hamid 371-382
Simulation of Cutting Force During High Speed End Milling of Inconel 718 PDF
H. N. Ganesan, M. S. Kasim, R. Izamshah, T.J.S. Anand, N. H. Harun, S.A. Sundi 383-392
Query Rewriting using Multitier Materialized Views for Cyber Manufacturing Reporting PDF
N. M. Khushairi, N. A. Emran, M. M. Yusof 393-408
The Effectiveness of Segregation Recyclable Materials by Automated Motorized Bin PDF
S. Norhafiza, K. Masiri, A. Nor Faezah, A.L. Nurul Nadiah, A. K. Aslila 409-420
Application of Robots to Improve Social and Communication Skills among Autistic Children PDF
M.Z. Ismail, N. I. L. Azaman, N.K Khalid 421-430
The Strength of Japanese Companies: A Proposed TQM Framework using Atlas.Ti PDF
M. F. Ahmad, N. Zakuan, T. Chin, C. S. Wei, R. Z. R. M. Rasi, N. A. A. Hamid, N.A.A. Rahman 431-440
Effects of Biodiesel Towards CI Engine Performance and Emission: A Brief Review PDF
K.A. Azlan, N. Tamaldin, M.F.B. Abdollah 441-452
Optimization of Phosphoric Acid Treatment Biochar using Response Surface Method PDF
N. Farhaneem, M.F. Dimin, A. Shaaban, N. Mohamad 453-466
Development of Surface Roughness Prediction Model using Response Surface Methodology for End Milling of HTCS-150 PDF
A.B. Hadzley, W.M. Azahar, A.A. Anis, R. Izamshah, M. Amran, S. Kasim, S. Noorazizi 467-476
Comparative Study on Weighting Customer Requirements using Fuzzy Analysis Hierarchy Process with Extent Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process PDF
M.T. Mastura, S.M. Sapuan, M.R. Mansor, A.A. Nuraini 477-490
Water-Repellent Improvement of Green Composite Sheet Surface by Hydrophobic Modified-Silica Coating PDF
R.F. Munawar, A.B. Arif, W.N.F.W.A. Shani, N. Mohamad, J.A. Razak, H.E.A. Maulod, Q. Ahsan, M.S. Salleh, N.H.M. Hassan 491-500
Analysis of Surface Integrity and Formation of Material Side Flow in Dry and Wet Machining of Aluminum Alloy PDF
A.B. Hadzley, A.A. Anis, M.N. Farizan, M.H. Osman, T. Norfauzi, S. Noorazizi 501-512

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