Vol 11, No 2 (2017)

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Preparation of Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide/Activated Carbon Electrode and Its Supercapacitive Performance in 6 M KOH PDF FLIPBOOK
M. A. A. Mohd Abid, R.N.A.R. Seman, S.M. Effendi
On Buckling of Cylindrical Shells Under Combined Loading PDF FLIPBOOK
M. Gheisari, A. Nezamabadi, P. Khazaeinejad
Conceptual Design of Shielded Metal Arc Welding Workstation: Work Posture and Bead Dimension Consideration PDF FLIPBOOK
I. Halim, R. Z. Radin Umar, N. Ahmad, R. Abdul Rahim, N. F. I. Zakaria
An Exploration on New Product Development Process of Malaysian Small-Sized Automaker PDF FLIPBOOK
H. Boejang, H. Ariff, M. Z. Hassan, S. Esa, M. Rauterberg
The Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) on the Microstructure and Hardness of A356 Aluminium Alloy PDF FLIPBOOK
N. N. M. Ishak, M. S. Salleh, S. H. Yahaya, E. Mohamad, M. A. Sulaiman
Direct Laser Fabrication Method for a Binary Diffractive Optical Element PDF FLIPBOOK
Y. G. Kim, H. G. Rhee, Y. S. Ghim, S. Y. Lee, J. H. Lee
A Universal Design Method for Reflecting Physical Characteristics of Diverse Users: A Case of a Bicycle Frame PDF FLIPBOOK
M. Shimada, W. Suzuki, S. Yamada, M. Inoue
A Method for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm PDF FLIPBOOK
E. Morinaga, Y. Sakaguchi, H. Wakamatsu, E. Arai
Review on Wind Turbine Technology and Control PDF FLIPBOOK
N. S. F. M. Murad, M. N. Kamarudin, S. M. Rozali, N. M. Shaharudin
The Effect of Cryogenic Cooling on Surface Roughness of Titanium Alloy: A Review PDF FLIPBOOK
M. S. Razak, M. A. Sulaiman, S. A. Mat, Z. Ramle, E. Mohamad, M. R. Salleh
Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of AA 7075 Reinforced Short Coated Carbon Metal Matrix Composites PDF FLIPBOOK
P. Suhas, N.L. Vaishak, J. D. Quadros
Potentiality of Utilising Non-Woven Kenaf Fibre Composite for Car Door Map Pocket PDF FLIPBOOK
M. Y. Yuhazri, M.H. Amirhafizan, A. Abdullah, S.H. Yahaya, S.T.W. Lau
Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) Integrations for Decision Making Purposes: A Review PDF FLIPBOOK
A. Z. Mohamed Noor, M.H.F. Md Fauadi, F.A. Jafar, M.H. Nordin, S.H. Yahaya, S. Ramlan, M.A. Shri Abdul Aziz

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