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Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (JAMT) is a biannual peer reviewed, multidisciplinary international journal, publishing original and high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics in engineering, science and technology. JAMT will provide an excellent platform for knowledge exchange among researchers working in various areas. In addition, it provides an opportunity for the authors or researchers to share research findings and establish network and collaborations.

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished papers on all aspects including but not limited to the following technical areas: Manufacturing Process; Technology and Design; Automotive Engineering and Energy; Industrial Automation and Robotics; Communication and Computer Engineering; Software Engineering; Technology Management and Entrepreneurship as well as Soft Skills for Engineers and Technologist.

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Vol 11, No 1(1) (2017)

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Table of Content- Vol 11, No 1(1) (2017) PDF
Vol 11, No 1(1) (2017)
The Improvised Design of Headphone using Integrated Kano and Importance-Performance Analysis for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction PDF
S. Akmal, N. Hashim, A. Norizan, S. H. Yahaya 1-14
Characteristics of Impingement Diesel SPray Adhesion on a Flat Wall PDF
M.Z. Akop, Y.M. Arifin, M.A. Salim, M.R. Mansor, M.A. Mohd Rosli, M.M. Tahir, A.M. Saad 15-30
Augmentation of Simplex Algorithm for Linear Programming Problem to Enhance Computational Performance PDF
N.A.A.N. Azlan, A. Saptari, E. Mohamad 31-46
Cleaner Production Implementation using Extended Value Stream Mapping for Enhancing the Sustainability of Lean Manufacturing PDF
A. Ishak, E. Mohamad, L. Sukarma, AB R. Mahmood, M.A. A Rahman, S.H. Yahya, M.S. Salleh, M.A. Sulaiman 47-60
Sustainable-ERP System: A Preliminary Study on Sustainability Indicators PDF
M.S. Hasan, Z. Ebrahim, W.H. Wan Mahmood, M.N. Ab Rahman 61-74
Finite Element Analysis of Springback Process in Sheet Metal Forming PDF
M.R. Jamli 75-84
Characterization on Thermal And Mechanical Properties of Non-Covalent Polyethyleneimine Wrapped on Graphene Nanoplatelets Within NR/EPDM Rubber Blend Nanocomposites PDF
J.A. Razak, N. Mohamad, H.E. Ab Maulod, K.T. Lau, R.F. Munawar, M.E. Abd Manaf, S. Ismail, M.A. Mahamood 85-100
Product Design Improvement of Water Dispenser Tap using Triz Method PDF
M.R. Mansor, M.A. Shaharuzaman, M.M. Tahir, M.Z. Akop, M.A. Salim, A.Z. Zainudin 101-112
Development of An Automated Configuration System for Robot Work Cell PDF
N. S. Osman, M. A. A. Rahman, A. A. Abdul Rahman, S. H. Kamsani, B. M. Bali Mohamad, E. Mohamad, Z. A. Zaini 113-128
Properties of Optimal Solution of Indefinite Matrix Constraint in Linear Programming PDF
M. L. Sam, A. Saptari, M. R. Salleh, K. E. Chong 129-138
Effect of Annealing Time on Resistivity of Kenaf Fiber Modified Indium Zinc Oxide Prepared Via Dip Coating Process PDF
O. Edynoor, A.R.M. Warikh, T. Moriga, K. Murai, E. Mohammad, M.R. Salleh 139-150
Tensile Strength Analysis of High Density Polyethylene for Injection Moulded Parts PDF
R. Zuraimi, M.A. Sulaiman, E. Mohamad, J.A. Ghani 151-164

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