A Comparability Study on Driver Fatigue Using C#, C++ and Python

K.J. Raman, A. Azman, S.Z. Ibrahim, S. Yogarayan, M.F.A. Abdullah, S.F. Abdul Razak, A.H. Muhamad Amin, K. Sonai Muthu


Accidents on road are very common
these days. Most of them are caused by driver
fatigueness. Some common causes and symptoms
have been identified. One of the main solution
to detect driver fatigue is by analyzing the facial
features of the drivers. This paper discusses about
the facial features that can be used to detect driver
fatigue. Further examples on existing vehicle
safety technology is also discussed. Primarily, this
work emphasizes on the study of three different
programming languages and its compatibility
which works best to be integrated with the
proposed hardware. Based on the study, the
result is discussed and the suitable programming
language is suggested.

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