Real-Time Connected Car Services

S. Yogarayan, A. Azman, S.F. Abdul Razak, K.J. Raman, M.F.A. Abdullah, S.Z. Ibrahim, A.H. Muhamad Amin, K. Sonai Muthu


In recent years, the patterns of
connected car are tied in with giving drivers
more answers for making the journey
consistent. Vehicles today are outfitted with
high innovation highlights and in-vehicle
availability. The Integrated Connected Vehicle
Services is produced to convey an incorporated
driving experience to all vehicle owners, to
make a communication stage for drivers to
impart and share data between vehicles. The
system allows to discover nearby vehicles inside
range, giving the driver early notice caution of
crisis vehicles inside certain range. Moreover,
the system likewise enables the driver to share
basic data which later plots into the maps for
alternate drivers to view and plan the journey.
The information of transmission between the
vehicles are incorporated through firebase cloud
services. Firebase is known as an effective cloud
database and ready to screen the application

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