Index of Instructional Sensitivity of Holistic Approach Training Module for Malaysian TVET Instructors in Prison

M.A. Aripin, S.A. Shami, M.H. Mohd Hisham, R. Hamzah


The current correctional system
under Malaysia Prison Department (Pride) has
implemented technical vocational education and
training (TVET) as part of their rehabilitation
programme. However, training by vocational
instructors for inmates requires a holistic
approach, as they need to bring the inmates to
go beyond employability. As part of correctional
programme components, the significant role of
vocational instructor is not only about delivering
skills, but also to improve inmates’ attitude and
perspective about life. Therefore, the Holistic
Approach Training Module has been developed.
This module focused on the integration of God
Consciousness element as a compass of life;
internally and externally without disturbing the
classic objective in vocational training. The module
consists of five variables or qualities which are
believing in God, subjective, objective, social and
cultural quality. A study was conducted on a group
of 91 prisons’ vocational instructors from the East
Zone of Malaysian Peninsular and Borneo under
Pride. The collected data was analysed using
Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS for
Windows) version 19.0 and Rasch Measurement
Modelling with Bond & Fox Steps Software. 42
participants, manage to go through both pre-test
and post-test. It was concluded that the result
shows module effectiveness by identifying the
index of sensitivity by both analysis.

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