A Tunable Microstrip Planar Antenna using Truncated Ground Plane for WiFi/LTE2500/WiMAX/5G/C, Ku, K-Band Wireless Applications

Sadiq Ullah


Reconfigurable antennas are key candidates for modern wireless communicating devices to perform multiple wireless operations on various frequencies. This paper is introducing a compact yet efficient design of frequency reconfigurable TX-Shaped monopole antenna with truncated ground plane. The substrate used is FR-4 having a height of 1.6mm. Optical reconfiguration technique enables proposed structure to tune to multiple resonant frequencies depending upon ON/OFF state of the switch. In switch ON state, antenna exhibit quad band characteristics in nature by operating at resonant frequencies ranging from (2282-2816MHz), (4525-5053MHz), (11946-14203MHz) and (16200-19180MHz). While in switch OFF state,proposed structure operates at triple bands having frequencies ranging from (2685MHz-3632MHz), (11985MHz-14234MHz) and (16014-19107MHz). VSWR is calculated less than 1.4 with efficiency ranging from 52.5% to 82.6%, while gain of antenna is calculated ranging (1.62dB-3.53dB). Proposed tunable TX-Shaped structure is able to serve wireless services that includes Wi-Fi (2400-2480MHz), LTE2500 (2500-2690MHz), WIMAX (3300-3800MHz), FCC allocated mid band for 5G (2500MHz/3500MHz) and Satellite Communication applications in IEEE bands that includes Cband (2000-4000MHz), Ku-band (12000-18000MHz) and K-band (18000MHz-27000MHz). Proposed frequency reconfigurable TX-Shaped antenna is low cost, low profile, lightweight and can be used in wireless devices i.e. IPADs, Mobile Phones, 5G device, Tablets, Wi-Fi routers etc. Design and evaluation of antennas’ parameters is observed and analyzed in CST Microwave Studio using Finite Integration Technique (FIT).


reconfigurable, WiFi, LTE2500, 5G, C-band, Ku-band, K-band

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