The design model of solar powered automatic bell system integrated with smoke detection for educational institution application

Banu - Poobalan, Abdul Munir Fikri Mat Rabi, Haziah Abdul Hamid, Khor Shing Fhan


The work presents a design model of renewable energy based automatic bell system integrated with smoke detection, which uses solar energy as main power source. This design model is highly recommended to be installed in schools and learning institution, particularly in rural area as the power supply is the main constraint. In this work, the design which incorporates of the bell system, smoke detection and LCD display are presented using design software and their function is initialized using a programming language. The system model is designed to trigger bell at prescribed interval hours during school sessions. On the other hand, the design also includes a smoke sensor integrated with the bell system which triggers the bell during fire break out. The results outcome of this system is discussed accordingly. This design model is expected to save costs and enhance efficiency in power utilization using renewable energy as the main source of energy. In addition, the safety feature of the smoke detector is expected to safeguard school or institution from losses and damages caused by fire outbreak.


Solar energy;automatic bell system; smoke detection; safety;school

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