Performance Evaluation of Overcurrent Protection Relay Based on Relay Operation Time (ROT)

Mohd Hendra Hairi, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Farhan Hanaffi, Marizan Sulaiman


Protection system plays an important role in detecting the presence of disorders and may prevent damage that can caused interference. Thus, the reliability of the system to maintain continuity of supply to the load will be improved. Overcurrent protection is among the most important and earliest protection scheme in power system. However, the interruptions in power system can happen by fault current. Besides, the improper setting or wrong selection and positioning of power protection devices are among the reason. Therefore, to maintain and improve the performance of the protection system, this project presents a model of overcurrent protection scheme in power system network to investigate the effect of overcurrent relay performance on relay operation time (ROT) centered on several cases. The model of overcurrent protection system is developed and analyzed by using PSCAD simulation software based on several requirement or conditions such as various type and location of faults and relays. Besides that, analysis under the implementation of different curve characteristic and various standards are also performed. Furthermore, the impacts of distributed generator installation on the power system protection when faults are occurring are also studied. The results have shown that the ROT of relays was varies and changed with all variables in the performed test.

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